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Don't talk to me about life...

Leah Kubik
23 September 1979
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I am one of those quasi-transient people. I grew up in Northern Indiana, land of corn, diners, and religious cults. Since then, I have lived in the Los Angeles area, Sacramento, various parts of the San Francisco Bay area, Various parts of central North Carolina, and Toronto. I love adventures and travelling, ludicrous old vehicles, my two evil cats, music, humor, beer, geeks of all sorts, cheese, and girls with numerous black, transparent outfits.

I currently live by myself in the "Drunk Tank" part of Toronto, as I am in the middle of splitting up with my long term partner and husband Jo.

I used to be a software engineer, but I became burnt out on that and have gone back to square one. Eg, I am lacking direction and in search of a new life...

I am addicted to hobbies. I love to play loud music. Sometimes I drink too much coffee.

I am pretty bad with plants, but have managed to keep Mr. Spikey, and Mr. Spikey, Jr. alive for some time now, as well as a mint plant. I suppose that's not saying much. I also have a fish named Fred, who has withstood the rigours of time surprisingly well, as well as a small stuffed cow named O, that has been on many adventures with me and on his own. (Let's not even get into the whole "You can't have a boy cow." argument.)